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A guide to the categories linked in the top menu bar.

Home – the front page, with all the blog posts.

About – About me, about the site, about copyright, and acknowledgements to those who have helped the project and provided resources and inspiration.

Links – Links to miscellaneous blogs, sources, national legislative archives and so forth.

Bibliographies – Bibliographies of digitized collected volumes of statutes, sorted by country and, for the British Isles, by series. For England, Great Britain and the U.K. there is also a chronological bibliography, listing one volume per year. Aside from the English, British and U.K. material, there are sections for Ireland (to 1800), Scotland, India, the Caribbean, amongst others. Although this project is focused on English and British legislation, it is deeply involved with imperial law, hence the foreign collections here. But this is not a promise to start OCRing them.

Search  – a Google powered ‘Custom Search Engine’ that searches the statutes published on this site only.

Statutes – English and British statutes mainly from proofread OCR, but also collected from around the web. These are included in the search function described above.

For the OCRed texts, see the repository on Github. In due course these will find a home on this site, although probably not using WordPress.

Slavery Law – British laws and some court cases relating to Africa, the slave trade and enslavement.