1774: 14 George 3 c.84: Bills of Naturalization

1774: 14 George 3 c.84: An act to prevent certain inconveniences that may happen by bills of naturalization.

WHEREAS it hath been found that many persons, born out of the allegiance of the crown of Great Britain, obtain of naturalization for the purpose of availing themselves in foreign countries of the immunities and indulgences belonging to his Majesty’s trading subjects, by treaties, or otherwise; and in order to apply the said immunities and indulgences to promote the trade of the country to which the persons so naturalized originally belonged, and not with any design of fixing their residence in Great Britain, or of becoming useful subjects thereof: and whereas it is neither just nor expedient to permit such abuses of the true intent of naturalization; may it therefor please your Majesty that it may be enacted by the King’s most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That no person shall hereafter be naturalized, unless in the bill exhibited for that purpose there shall be a clause or proviso inserted to declare that such person shall not thereby obtain, or become intitled to claim, within any foreign country, any of the immunities or indulgences in trade which are of may be enjoyed or claimed therein by natural-born British subjects, by virtue of any treaty, or otherwise, unless such person shall have inhabited and resided within Great Britain, or the dominions thereunto belonging, for the space of seven years, subsequent to the first day of the session of parliament in which the said bill of naturalization shall have passed, and shall not have been absent out of the same for a longer space than two months, at any one time, during the said seven years; and that no bill of naturalisation shall hereafter be received, in either house of parliament, unless such clause or proviso be first inserted or contained therein.

Source: Pickering, Statutes At Large, volume 30.