1539: 31 Henry 8 c.8: Proclamation by the Crown

1539: 31 Henry 8 c.8:  An Act that Proclamations made by the King’s Highness with the Advice of his Honourable Council shall be obeyed and kept as though they were made by Act of Parliament.

The King for the time being, with the advice of his council, or the more part of them, may set forth proclamations under such penalties and pains as to him and them shall seem necessary, which shall be observed as though they were made by act of parliament; but this shall not be prejudicial to any person’s inheritance, offices, liberties, goods, chattels or life; and whosoever shall willingly offend any article contained in the said proclamations, shall pay such forfeitures, or be so long imprisoned, as shall be expressed in the said proclamations; and if any offending will depart the realm, to the intent he will not answer his said offence, he shall be adjudged a traitor.

Source: Pickering, Statutes at Large, volume 4. Checked against Ruffhead, Statutes at Large, volume 2. Title taken from Raithby, Statutes at Large, volume 3.

Further reading: Wikipedia.