1411: 13 Henry 4 c.6: Against Gally half-pence and foreign money.

1411: 13 Henry 4 c.6: No Gally half-pence or foreign money shall be current within this realm.

[No foreign money shall be current within this realm.]

ITEM, whereas in the statute made the eleventh year of our lord the King that now is, it was ordained and established, That Gally half-pence from henceforth should not run in payment, nor in other manner within the realm of England, upon pain of forfeiture of the same;

(2) and moreover that the same Gally half-pence, in whose hands they might be found within the said realm, should be forfeit to our said lord the King

(3) and also that the statutes and ordinances made by our said lord the King, or his noble progenitors, as well of the money of Scotland, as of other realms and parts beyond the sea, should beholden and kept, and put in due execution:

[2 H. 4. c. 6. 11 H. 4. c. 5.]

(4) our lord the King, considering the great deceit, as well of the Gally half-pence, as of the money of other realms beyond the sea, will that the same statutes be firmly holden and kept, and put in due execution in all points.

Source: Pickering, Statutes at Large, vol. 2.

Further reading: Portable Antiquities Scheme entry for Soldino, a.k.a. ‘Galley halfpence.’