September Updates

A regular report of updates to the Statutes Project.

0: Launched this site.

1: Links to digitized volumes of the Laws of Grenada, 1763 to 1875, added.

2: Volumes 31 and 32 of Danby Pickering’s edition of the Statutes uploaded to the Github repository.

3: All 6 volumes of Pickering’s edition so far OCR’d run through Ted Underwood’s OCR Normalizer. The text is still poor, but nevertheless considerably improved over what came straight out of Abbyy Finereader. Again, all to be found on Github.

4: Began posting the specific volumes I am using as sources for British legislation. Note that the particular scans I am using as sources are important, due to individual blemishes and stamps on the original volume, and technical distortions – not to mention stray fingers – of the digitization used.

Planned for October: more OCRing, more normalizing, some thinking about the titles of the statutes, and a very odd lottery.

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