United States of America

I concentrate here on colonial and early republican statutes, as that is the period that most interests me. An excellent, larger, near comprehensive and far superior guide to colonial American law, covering both paper and digital volumes can be found at Bowling Green State University Libraries.


A list of the 15 volumes of the Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, 1636-1776 as hosted by the Internet Archive.


A variety of compilations of laws and codes can be found at the Archives of Maryland site.


Internet Archive holds two editions of “The Colonial Laws of Massachusetts”; one based on the 1660 volume, and the other based on the 1672 version.

New York


The Statutes At Large 1682 to 1809 in 18 volumes are online at the Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau, in PDF format taken from the series printed from 1896 to 1915. Digitized volumes of that series can be found in the Internet Archive.

Rhode Island

The Charter and the Acts and laws of His Majesties Colony of Rhode-Island, and Prividence-Plantations in America, 1719

Acts and laws, of His Majesty’s colony of Rhode-Island, and Providence-Plantations, in New-England, in America, 1745. In plain text, via the Evans Early American Imprint Collection.

South Carolina

A five volume set, from 1682 to 1814, edited by Thomas Cooper, can be found in the Internet Archive. The first volume consists of ‘constitutional documents’, rather than statutes as such. Continued by a further five volumes edited by David J. McCord, much of which is organised by theme not date.

See also Grimke’s collection of Statutes up to 1790.


A transcribed version of Hening’s Statutes At Large, covering 1619 to 1792, can be found at Vagenweb.