Raithby, et al., Statutes of the U.K. 1801 – 1829

What I’m calling the Raithby series is entitled, like the set I’ve named the Butterworths series, The Statutes of the United Kingdom. Starting with the Union of 1801, it was published at least until 1857 at the rate of one volume every two years, but few volumes after number 11 have been digitized and made freely available.

Raithby was the editor for volumes 4 to 10, preceded by Tomlins and succeeded by Simons. Raithby also worked on the series “The Statutes at Large of England and Great Britain”, covering pre-Union legislation, editing volumes 3 to 20 of that 20 volume series. Again, few of those volumes have been made freely available, and so I have not OCrd them.

With volume 9 it was no longer using the long s. The OCRd text for volumes 1 to 7, covering the years 1801 to 1819 can be found on Github.