Public General Statutes, 1870-1878

There are few differences that I can discern between this series and the previous. Other than the slight change of title, the most obvious is the addition of two tables showing the effect of the statutes on previous legislation. This is very useful metadata to have, and serves as my excuse to have a separate entry for it.

Few of the post-1878 volumes have been digitized and made freely available;  consequently, for all intents and purposes, the scope of this project ends with 1878, and only volumes up to that year are listed here. The OCR, currently undergoing correction, can be downloaded from Github.

Published contemporaneously with this series was another, again by Eyre and Spottiswoode, with an additional super-title “The Law Reports”, a volume number (1866 being volume 1) and, I think, a slightly different format. Few of these have been digitized.